Boarding Diabetic Instruction Form


Boarding Diabetes Instructions

For a timely check-in, please complete prior to arrival. Thank you!

All medications must be brought to boarding in original prescription packaging supplied by your pet's veterinarian. Feline = additional $14/day Canine = additional $18/day

WE REQUIRE YOU TO BRING YOUR PET'S OWN BOTTLE OF INSULIN, INSULIN SYRINGES, AND REGULAR FOOD WITH ENOUGH FOR THE ENTIRE STAY. All canine diabetic boarders receive a minimum of 4 walks per day during their stay.

Diabetic Boarding Authorization for Treatment: I understand that diabetes is a complicated disorder requiring a delicate balancing of food intake, amount of exercise, insulin given, and other factors. Because of this, a diabetic animal may require urine and/or blood testing while boarding. I authorize the staff at Pittsford Animal Hospital to perform tests if necessary for my pet's well-being.

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